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Fun With Mini Bands !!

Original Assignment… 4 Stars: I saw this option for assignments we could pick and I knew I HAD to do it. This is just some. I am always on TikTok so I always see workout videos like this. However, I… Continue Reading…


My Bloopers!!!

Original Assignment… 3 Stars : The assignment was to “Create a gag reel of your funniest moments captured on video!” Tik Tok actually when making videos makes It so easy. You literally just have to upload it and pick… Continue Reading…


Weekly Summary #3

This week I learned how to use Audacity and learned more about Soundcloud. Soundcloud I use a lot to listen to different types of music but Audacity I have never used before so that was a challenge. I feel like… Continue Reading…


Seeing Other Websites

My first comment was on Jackies Website. I went to her Daily Creates Section and I really liked her latest one so I commented and said how much I loved the idea of it. Personally I really liked her her… Continue Reading…


Stacy’s Trip

Original Assignment … 3 Stars: This assignment was to “We’ve all had to create characters, now it is time to tell their stories. Tell a story pertaining to your character. This can be either from your character’s point of… Continue Reading…

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sound effects

Original Assignment…. 4 stars This assignment was to “Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no… Continue Reading…

Assignments, Audio

Classic Slip-On Vans!

Original Assignment 5 Stars: “Are you looking for a new pair of shoes? Ones you can wear for a casual event, a walk around town, or even could dress it up? Well, do I have the shoe for you! Classic… Continue Reading…


What if?

This podcast “Moon Graffiti” was based on a real speech Richard Nixon had written for him called ” In Event of Moon Disaster”. This speech was written just in case Buzz and Neil didn’t make it home. Imagine if that… Continue Reading…


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