Weekly Summary #4

This week I feel like I completed all the requirements of this week’s assignments. I also felt I wasn’t as stressed because I planned everything out for the week a little better. I also finally remembered to do a tutorial on one of my Digital Studies Assignments so my viewers could make their own!

Honestly this week there wasn’t anything that gave me a lot of trouble. I would say the workout video I did have to do a couple takes of it so it took me a while but other than that I had fun filming it! I learned all about different angles on filming and how watching scenes without sound or video changes your feelings towards them!

I wouldn’t do anything different and I don’t have any questions this week finally!!!

Some larger issues going on right now are still COVID and all of the protesting going on.

Week 4 is DONE! Crazy how these weeks have just flown by!!

Video Assignment #1
Video Assignment #2
Daily Create
Video Assignment #3

Comments On Other Blog Posts!

First comment was on Micahs Site!

Second Comment was on Carson’s Site!

Next I commented on Amandas Site!

Lastly I commented on Rachels Site!

Week 4 DONE! Bring on WEEK 5!!!!

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