Weekly Summary #3

This week I learned how to use Audacity and learned more about Soundcloud. Soundcloud I use a lot to listen to different types of music but Audacity I have never used before so that was a challenge.

I feel like this week I completed the requirements of the assignments. Something that gave me the most trouble was exporting any of my Audacity files. For some reason that always took the longest I really don’t know why but I couldn’t wrap my head around it! Looking at other people’s blog posts I learned different things I would like to bring to mine. Like adding more gifs and images to things and adding more color to the website itself!

More stuff going on right now is still with COVID and BLM protests.

Mood because week #3 is done!!

Work From Week #3!

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Part 1- Jad Abumrad
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Part 2-Ted Radio Hour
Part 3- Moon Graffti Summary

daily create– Daily Create

Part 4-Visual Assignment #1
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Part 4-Visual Assignment #3
Feedback from peers!

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