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Week #2 What A Ride!!

This week I felt like I completed all of the requirements of the weeks assignments very well!! I really enjoyed making the visual assignments and learning how to make the gifs. This week was very fun because it was a lot of editing which is something I really wanted to learn more about!

What gave me trouble was for sure learning how to use the GIMP application. For some reason, it was very hard for me. Thankfully my peers helped me out! I really enjoyed the Visual Assignments and the Design Blitz! It was just fun to get my mind of COVID and to escape reality for a bit. I learned how to use GIMP and make GIFS! Something I wished I did differently was looking at the Daily Creates earlier than Thursday because there were some cool ones I missed out on doing! No questions at this time. I would say defiantly COVID has always been impacting my work but this week it was Geroge Floyd, the protests, petitions, and motivational posts. What is going on in America just isn’t right and something NEEDS to change.

After I wrote this I put all the links together and I lied. That was the thing that gave me the post trouble. I realized that multiple links didn’t work and things I thought existed didn’t so that was very stressful:)

I really did enjoy this week and can’t wait for Week #3!!!


Read and Reflect on The Vignelli Canon

Complete a DesignBlitz

Do your Daily Creates

Visual Assignment #1

Visual Assignment #2

Visual Assignment #3

Visual Assignment #4

Visual Assignment #5

Animated Gif #1

Animated Gif #2

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