What Happened This Week #1

This week I feel like I completed most of the assignments very well. I really enjoyed doing the Daily Creates and starting to understand and learn more about the Visual Assignments. Things that gave me the most trouble this week was learning how to customize my blog. That took me a whole take to figure out how to make subcategories. I had to reach out to a couple of my peers to ask for advice on how to make them. Another thing that gave me trouble was how critical I am of the stuff I created and judged myself very hard even though the stuff I made was very good. I just need to learn to be more confident in myself in all aspects of life.

Something I would do differently would have been to organize my blog with the menu options and subcategories earlier in the week so when I turned in my first Summary it would have looked more put together and wasn’t as chaotic. I don’t have any questions at this time. The second part of the week made more sense because it was more focused on a singular topic so it was easier to wrap my head around. A larger issue still affecting my work is COVID just the uncertainty of it all is whats affecting me so much.

Excited to see whats next up for the following week!


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