Reflection of Visual Storytelling

This week we worked a lot with Visual Storytelling. We worked a good amount on different media Platforms. For example, other blog posts, Twitter, Flickr, WordPress, Visual Assignments and for me I used a good amount of Canva. Learned new things … Good Frustrated a bit but was also overwhelmed with the good.

For me as I stated it was a very interesting all of the place experience. I really enjoyed taking photos but got frustrated that I only had 15 minutes so I couldn’t make the photos as perfect as I wanted too. If given the option I would have rathered traveling all over to take the photos. I really did enjoy making the daily creates because they were fun but got your mind thinking a good amount. The Visual Assignments I also really liked because I already had many photos that fit the topics and just paired them together or got help from family in making them. For most I use a website called canva to make the collages and add fun text and speech bubbles. Some of the challenges I faced along with not being able to make the pictures perfect was creativity. I was overthinking what I wanted to do for each thing to the point I had to step back relax and just get to work. Everything turned out so great and exactly how I wanted them to.

My weaknesses with Visual Storytelling was making it creative and original. Like I stated before I overthink everything and really wonder if it is good enough when I should just be confident in myself and know what I am doing IS in fact good enough! Changing this is necessary because it affects me in other places not just with Visual Storytelling but in life as well. One of my strengths is knowing how to work a camera and having a love for taking photos which made Visual Storytelling so much easier!

Overall my experience with Visual Storytelling was very fun and I am so happy I was able to do it. I learned how to use Canva more and how to make daily creates and learned more about making a create blog!

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