I really loved doing this photo challenge it was so much fun! I did this at a beach house in the Outerbanks. I was going to take pictures at the beach but the weather the past couple of days has been so unpredictable so I decided to just do it at the house we are staying at. I chose to do it here because first off this is where I am staying and second I knew I could get almost every photo accomplished.

The experience honestly felt rushed but was very fun to do. I love doing scavenger hunts in general but a photo scavenger hunt just made it so much better!!

I really ENJOYED taking these photos below.

  • Take a photo dominated by a single color.
  • Take a photo into bright light.
  • Take a photo that shows a repeating pattern.
  • Take a photo that is looking through a frame or opening to something else.
  • Take a photo that represents joy.

Overall I really enjoyed the experience so much and would recommend it to others to try this out. Especially in quarantine right now there isn’t a whole lot to do so this would be something fun to consume your time with!

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