My Bloopers!!!

Original Assignment… 3 Stars :

The assignment was to “Create a gag reel of your funniest moments captured on video!”

Tik Tok actually when making videos makes It so easy. You literally just have to upload it and pick music and they do the rest for you.

I went to my camera roll and just searched all the videos I have of myself. I did it in chronological order from earlier videos to later in life videos. Some included me being terrible at golf, fun bus rides to high school soccer games, crack head hours my freshmen year of college. Some more were dancing moments, soccer moments and so much more.

Here is how I made it !

First Download Tiktok from the app store.

Next go through your camera roll and choose the videos you wanna use. To make it easier to find on Tiktok I made an album called bloopers in my photos app.

Next I went to TikTok to upload my videos. I selected them all from the album

Then I hit next. It then shows you to this page. Here it has uploaded all your videos and put them together. You then can change what part of the video is shown and you chose your music. I chose the song funky town.

After fixing everything to your liking you can post it and add a caption! Then it saves to your camera roll!

I hope my tutorial was helpful and you enjoyed my bloopers !!:)

5 comments on “My Bloopers!!!

I really liked your bloopers! I thought your instructions on how to make your own were really easy to follow as well. Also, I loved the song you chose for your video!


I really like your bloopers and how easy it was to follow the process of creating your video using TikTok. (And the dog at the end of the video was super cute too!!)


I’m glad someone was bold enough to do this assignment. Great job not being afraid to make fun of yourself. Watch out for TikTok, it’s a never ending portal of entertainment.


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