Born Again.. The HULK

  1. Analyze the camera work. The first thing I notice is that it is focused mainly on the girl.. you see the male but he is faded so it’s clear you are supposed to be looking at her. Then it changes to the male halfway through but you can’t see the girl at all. It seems to me that they are having a very serious conversation because she looks concerned. It also looks like he is about to throw up. It ends with her looking very worried. So it switches view 3 times but does not seem to have any cuts.
  2. Analyze the audio track. So I realized I was right that she was very concerned about him. They have a small pause between her talking than him. However, I was wrong about me thinking he was throwing up. He was actually just making sound effects of his dream he had the night before of a heartbeat.
  3. Put it all together. Finally, watch the scene as normal. Pay attention to something you may have missed the first time or how the elements you saw in the first two steps work together.

This scene is about Erica Bana explaining what transforming into the Hulk was like. Although he didn’t realize he did that.. he thought it was a dream. Something I missed from the first two times was that the male was actually eating food. I don’t know how I missed that but I really did!

Overall I really enjoyed watching this video. It’s crazy how sometimes watching without sound or video gives you a better understanding of the scene you are viewing!

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