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Favorite Moments At Mary Wash!

Original Assignment…2 Stars:

This assignment was to “Create a video using some of your favorite pictures/videos that you have taken while in school this year! Add a wide variety of pictures from throughout the year. Make sure to add some music to the video before you post it!”

I again used TikTok! I really enjoyed making this TikTok. I got very nostalgic looking for photos for my favorite moments of college assignment. Each of these photos all of the memories that I hold dear to my heart.

The first photo was me on my first visit to meet the coaches for the University of Mary Washington Women’s Soccer Team as well as seeing the campus for the first time. Had to hit up Benny’s afterwards and it was Awesome. This day I remember calling my Aunt calling me that day and her saying ” I can see you there and you enjoying this.” When she said those words I didn’t believe her…. 3 years later I am about to be a Junior here.. I have made so many friends and I am so happy I decided to come here.

The rest of the photos go in order of when I took them. They include different Photo ops for birthdays and other such fun things. Also along with winning the CAC championship for our Conference this year. We won that game 4-0. Most likely was one of my FAVORITE days the whole year. The last photo is of one of my best friends and myself at our last public hangout before COVID hit hard:((

I miss my friends and can’t wait to go back to school and see them all so so soon:)

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