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Trying New Things!

As I have talked about before. I love photography. Some people like taking photos of people which I do.. but I love taking pictures of what I am seeing. For example beached, hiking views, some of my favorite places for example Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and especially Alcatraz.

Most of the ways listed on how to be a better photographer were very helpful. Some of them I already knew from being really into photography for a while now.

In this photo below I used the tip “Change My Perspective By Changing Yours I got this from the Ebook. I took a picture of my friend’s dog Ozzie. She is 8 years old and is the sweetest little dog there ever could be. I took a picture from under the table she was under her.


I really enjoyed taking photos like these from a different perspective because it makes the photo so much more interesting! Overall using these tips was very helpful as you will see in my Photo Safari Post!

2 comments on “Trying New Things!

This is a cute idea. It’s fun looking up at a little puppy, instead of the usual looking down on or face to face. Did you use portrait mode on iPhone? How did you get her to sit still?


I used my Canon Camera actually! She is so chill so it didn’t take that much effort!


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