Social Media Introductions

I am very excited about this class. I get to learn more about how to use some of my favorite social media sites.

The first one I used was Soundcloud. I am very passionate about music and use this platform a lot. Not to post my own music but to listen to others. When I want a really good remix Soundcloud is the first place I look. I also really love how you and see how other people feel about what you are listening too because their comments show up. I decided to make a short segment of me talking about COVID19 and how life is for me. That was the theme for all of my posts. Here it is !

Next I used Youtube. Again another platform I use all the time but it was fun to post something about me! My idea again was based on COVID and being stuck with my family all the time. I have for years been using an app called 1SEC. This app is awesome because you upload a 1 second of your day and it uploads a video for you based on the duration you want. So I picked from the day I was sent home from school till now. I hope you enjoy!

Next I used Twitter. I use twitter all the time. I don’t tweet a lot on my personal account but I like to look at what others post. Twitter has very hilarious content or very useful information… sometimes its very all over the place. The tweet I made was talking about how I feel that quarantine has been going on forever and what was on my mind.

The next form of Social Media I have never used before. This is Flickr. I find it crazy that I have never used this before because I love taking pictures, I use to have an Instagram account of all the pictures I have taken and then started taking pictures of people and got paid for it! My Idea for my posts was to post 5 of my favorite pictures and the 6th be a photo of me on one of my favorite trips…. Lake Tahoe for my 18th birthday and Graduation. There I learned I had a passion for taking pictures and my love for it grew. I also talked about how because of COVID19 my plans to take more beautiful photos have changed a bit. Here it is!


I am really excited to see what is in store for this class.

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