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Learning from Jad Abumrad.

I loved listening to Jad Ambumrad. He was very fun and personable. I listen to his video that was 2.21 and I watched part of the 20 minute one. I learned valuable information from both of them.

The first one was called ” How radio Creates Empathy“. Even though this episode was very short I learned a good amount! He at first talks about how he never thought he would get into radio because he loves watching tv…. a little too much as he says. He talks about he thinks it’s so cool that the radio lacks visuals but somehow people’s minds help them imagine a visual themselves.

Something I took away from this was how amazing it is that the author or the one speaking isn’t painting a picture but the person listening is. For example everyone paints their own pictures based on things you hear and no ones opinion is right or wrong because its where their on mind takes them.

Also what I explained above he explained as co-authorship, one is saying something the other is making the visuals. With the radio, you have to be connected with your viewers to have co imagining as well.

Overall I learned a lot from him and I am excited to take it and make my own audio!!

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