Just Like That It Ends :(

I feel like I completed everything very well. I really enjoyed this week’s assignment for the final. I immediately had a story and went with it. I used many different social media like YouTube, Soundcloud, Tik Tok, and much more.

What gave me trouble was figuring out what I wanted to do for the media. I had the story I just couldn’t figure out how I could explain this using different types of Audio, Visual, Design, and Video Assignments. I really enjoyed using Canva to make most of the Visual and Design. I learned how to use Audacity more and that came so easily to me.

I don’t think honestly I would have done anything differently. I really enjoyed what I made. It was so much fun!! No questions!!

I would say having more ability to do things outside has made me have less time to work on my assignments, COVID is still a thing too.

I really enjoyed this 5-week class and I am so happy to have had this experience learning how to use different social media platforms to make my work and prepare me for what I wanna do!

I don’t think I would want to change anything if I took the class over. I thought my work was good and very fun!

I really enjoyed the class because it took me so much, like how to use Audacity, Flickr, and how to download free sound. The most exciting project was for sure this one because I got to use all different digital assignments for one thing!

The Life Barbie Wanted .. but could never have .. – Final

Design Assignment Tutorials – 9 1/2 Stars

Visual Assignment Tutorials– 3 Stars

Audio Assignment Tutorials- 3 Stars

Video Assignment Tutorials- 5 Stars

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