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Fun With Mini Bands !!

Original Assignment… 4 Stars:

I saw this option for assignments we could pick and I knew I HAD to do it. This is just some. I am always on TikTok so I always see workout videos like this. However, I never see them using Mini Bands though. So I knew it was my Time to shine.

This certain exercises I got from one of my favorite Orange Theory Coaches for her quarantine edition workout package. They are KILLER. I normally do them a lot with this exact set and reps so it was fun.

Again I used TikTok to make the video. I added the Title describing the workout and what you needed. Then had how long you were doing everything for. They showed all the certain exercises and how to do them.

It is a Mini Band workout.

4 Rounds

20 Reps

5 Different Exercises.

1st Donkey Kicks

2nd Squats

3rd In & Outs

4th Glutei Bridge

5th Glute Bridge In & Outs

I do this a lot and really love feeling the Burn of the Mini Band!

Have fun!

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