The Great Massimo Vignelli

I really liked this read. Before reading this article I had no idea who Massimo Vignelli was. I learned many things from reading this article. First that he created his own firm and many things he created most of us have seen many times in our lifetime!

For example the New York Subway Map as well as the American Airlines logo along with the Knoll logo too!

Another thing he is known for is the Stendig Calendar. It was known that Vignelli loved the simplicity and showing it in his works which make a ton of sense after looking at the calendar. I really like how simple it is. It is very straight to the point. No crazy designs or anything just the basic information that you need to know like the date, month, day, and year. Something that you could hang anywhere and it would just fit right in!

Not only did he create amazing designs but he also worked with different fonts as well. Like Helvetica!

He also worked alongside his wife which I thought was very cool, they founded together Vignelli Designs.

He also released a free book explaining his life and business experiences which I think is so awesome for people who are trying to learn from a professional in that field of work!

Overall I found learning about him and his wife to be so cool and inspirational!

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