My Puppy Angel!

Original Assignment:

To view my Gif you have to press download. Copy URL… then paste into a new window. I tried to embed it in the post but I couldn’t figure it out. I even tried to get help from peers and that didn’t work either sadly.

This assignment was to “Find anything that has something to do with an animal doing something funny. Turn it into a GIF!” So what I decided to do was take pictures and make a GIF involving my dog. She does this funny thing were when playing ball she sometimes forgets to close her mouth and doesn’t catch the ball so it’s very funny to watch what unfolds. She also likes to play ball with herself and throws her ball at walls and throws it places. She is a very funny dog but I love her so much!

Making this GIF using GIMP was pretty challenging. I couldn’t figure out how to use it so I had to ask some of my peers for help. The thing that worried me the most was how many options there were on the application. When in reality making the GIF was pretty easy! I really enjoyed doing it!

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