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3 Stars

The story behind the Event Poster is this. Barbie has dreams of her own and wants to be able to sing and maybe pursue that as a career when she becomes apart of the humans world. Although that is something that will never happen she hopes and dreams it everyday….

Tutorial of how I made this Event Poster Below!

Missing Poster– 3 1//2 Stars

My Missing Person isn’t so much about an actual person missing. I did a spin of it and my idea was its a Missing Poster the Barbie in the box. She is in her own world now of just sitting waiting, wishing, dreaming of being apart of the humans world and been known for more than her looks.

How to make your own Missing Poster!

Motivational Poster– 3 Stars

The Motivational Poster with the quote is something I would give to our barbie in the story. Try to make her understand that our people don’t define you’re worth or decide what you do in life.. it is up to you. Honestly, this is something I find very hard myself and can relate it to the real world. It’s so much easier said than done.

How I made my Motivational Poster!

I really enjoyed using Canva for all of my Design Assignments!!

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