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Classic Slip-On Vans!

Original Assignment 5 Stars:

“Are you looking for a new pair of shoes?

Ones you can wear for a casual event, a walk around town, or even could dress it up?

Well, do I have the shoe for you! Classic Vans Slip Ons are the shoes for you. Come in many different colors and shoes perfect for your friends and family members!”

Making this was very fun but challenging. Using audacity scared me a bit because there were so many options and I just felt overwhelmed. Once I got the hang of it I felt like I knew exactly what I was doing so that was nice.

I recorded me speaking maybe 3 times because I couldn’t stop it or started laughing or something like that.

I went to FreeSound.Org and picked an exciting sound to use for the background of my commercial. I had a intertesing time trying to figure out how to even hear what I recored because the audio I downloaded and added was wayyyy toooo loud. So that took me some time to figure out.

  The reason I chose vans is because I wear them a lot and have loved them for a while and when I found out they were from the 80’s I just had to use them!

4 comments on “Classic Slip-On Vans!

Rachel Remer

I like how you didn’t just record your voice and submit it. The music gave it a happier, more upbeat feel to it. I did not know that vans were from the 80s! You learn something knew everyday.


I know right! I was so surprised!!!

Jai-leah Garcia

Your ad was super fun to listen to! I felt the same way about recording since I would mess up so many times. I know how you feel about Audacity since I was a bit overwhelmed myself, but your ad turned out amazing! I love the background music that you chose for it, it makes me feel like I’m actually back in the 80s!


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