What if?

This podcast “Moon Graffiti” was based on a real speech Richard Nixon had written for him called ” In Event of Moon Disaster”. This speech was written just in case Buzz and Neil didn’t make it home. Imagine if that really happened? What would space travel look like today? That kind of blew my mind when I thought about it a bit.

The podcast starts out with a lot and personally I was just trying to figure out what was going on. A lot of sounds were being layered over each other.

It took me a moment to realize who was in space and who was on earth. I figured it out once the two men starting saying they were landing, and that they were going to lightly tap the moon then….. you hear a loud boom. I immeditaly thought to myself ” what just happend is everyone okay” I was just hoping one of my questions was going to get answered.

The next thing you hear is an announcement talking about the people that went to the moon in peace, will Rest In Peace on the moon. I was shocked confused and wanted more information as to what I just witnessed.

One thing I noticed throughout the time was that the mood was portrayed by the music in the background. If it was sad the music was sad… if it was suspenseful you felt on the edge of ur seat.

This podcast the entire time left me with so many questions.

Now, at this point, I am so intrigued by what is going on. I wanna keep watching because of all the sound effects and added background music.

Next Buzz kicks the dust on the moon. The sound is so realistic it makes you feel like you are there and expereicning a moment that will go down in history.

I also liked the acting especially when they start to get upset because they realize there is no way for them to contact earth and get home. When Buzz says I just wanna say bye one last time….

I also really liked the sound effects that go along with them putting the flag on the moon. Once again makes you feel like you are there.

When he says ” it’s a shame to just leave footprints behind” they realize they are dying and only have 2 hours left to live. Those words KILLED me. Got be upset because they know they are going to die and have no way to help it.

Overall I really enjoyed this The Truth Podcast. I was hooked the entire time and just wanted to know what was gonna happen next!

Right now I have a clear vision of everything going on because of the techniques they are using to make me feel like I am there.

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