Stacy’s Trip

Original Assignment … 3 Stars:

This assignment was to “We’ve all had to create characters, now it is time to tell their stories. Tell a story pertaining to your character. This can be either from your character’s point of view or it can be told from the perspective of a narrator. Record yourself telling the story and add sound effects or music to the background for further detail and enhanced storytelling. Try to make the story between 2 to 5 minutes long. Be creative!”

For this it felt pretty easy to create because I made up a story pretty fast. Used Audacity to record myself then used to add some background music to it.

I used Character named Stacy to describe what has happened in my life recently. This summer was supposed to go to Greece with my family and friends. Sadly that didn’t happen because of COVID. Which was fine but I was very upset.

Instead, my parents turned it into a fun summer vacation using the money for Greece to travel to different beach houses to see different places. Although it wasn’t Greece it was still fun exciting, and gave you the thrill of doing something so new!

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Jessica Probst

I am so sad to hear that you won’t be able to go to Greece! I really liked the dramatic music you used in your audio because I feel like it really captivated your audience. One thing I would suggest is making a more detailed tutorial on how you made it using Audacity.


Thank you!! I also thank you so much for the suggestion!


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