Seeing Other Websites

My first comment was on Jackies Website. I went to her Daily Creates Section and I really liked her latest one so I commented and said how much I loved the idea of it. Personally I really liked her her website very much.

Next I looked at Rachels Website. I really liked how her website was black and white. Very different and very simple which I love. I commented on her Sick Beat post. She laid out the process of how to use Audacity.. something I keep forgetting to do one at least one of the Assignments for the week.

After Rachel I looked at Wayne’s. I commented on his Moon Graffiti one. Everything he talked about I basically did the same. I commented and asked if the fact that a speech was written Just in case they didn’t make it to the moon surprise him too.

Next, I looked at Jai-leahs page. I listened to her story about anxiety and I felt like I could really relate to it. Lastly, I looked at Emma page and commented on her Best Sports Play gif. It was about soccer so of course, I had to comment on it. I just said how much I liked it and asked why she chose that sports play out of all of them!

Some comments I received this week were :

“I think this assignment is so fun because of the opposite messages. I use Canva and Pinterest for my inspiration on a lot of my visual and design assignments as well. Great minds think alike! What’s your largest folder on Pinterest at the moment?” I responded to this one with how to decorate dorm rooms haha.

“I totally agree with you. LAYERS TELL A STORY. I love how you were engaged the whole time, me too. Great reflection keep up the good work.”

” love how you gave this assignment your own spin to it. Corona has stopped all sporting events until further notice, but I’m glad that you could do this one. Sue is very nice and take extremely focused and beautiful pictures. I also like how you told the story of how you won the soccer game! That’s awesome, congrats.”

“I like how you didn’t just record your voice and submit it. The music gave it a happier, more upbeat feel to it. I did not know that vans were from the 80s! You learn something knew everyday.”

“Your ad was super fun to listen to! I felt the same way about recording since I would mess up so many times. I know how you feel about Audacity since I was a bit overwhelmed myself, but your ad turned out amazing! I love the background music that you chose for it, it makes me feel like I’m actually back in the 80s!”

I really enjoyed being able to see other peoples post as well as receiving comments on my own! It felt really good to know that other people enjoyed the work I put out there!

Below I included some of the pages I visited !!!

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