Making A Story Come Alive.

Today I listened to Detective Stories from Radiolab. The first thing I noticed right away is how I loved his way of going in and out of the past and into the future. Him with someone then his present self explaining more on it.

I really like the sound effect they add to things. It makes you build a better visual as to what is going on. For example the digging sound.

I also really like the Radiolab intro its kinda all over the place but really grabs ur attention to get focused.

Right after the intro it seems as if they are interviewing a girl about something she found then it cuts to her explaining the story playing over another audio of what actually happened. I really like having the different points of view because it creates a better picture.

The sound effects are INSANE. I love it! It then goes to the young girl talking about how she is calling someone then it goes to a recording of a voicemail of the person she was trying reach and the voicemail she actually sent.

I truly recommend listening to this sound cloud. I really enjoyed it !!

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