Learning from Ira Glass.

Ira Glass

The first thing I want to start off by saying is Ira Glass’s voice was so soothing and made it very ascetically pleasing to listen to what he had to say.

The first thing he talked about was how when doing audio storytelling you can’t think of it how you would write an essay in high school. With an opening and closing topic sentence and all that jazz.

You have to understand there are different building blocks for each. For Ira’s building blocks there are two. #1 is an anecdote.

This means thoughts are included to make it more interesting as well as a sequence of events. An example would be ” I woke up confused.. walked downstairs… the house was so quiet” something that really isn’t formal. #2 is Bait.

This means constantly raising questions and then answering them. An example would be ” the house was so quiet”… the viewer would be thinking why is the house so quiet….. and then you would answer that later on in the story.

If you constantly flip back and forth between the two it makes one great story!

I next watched part 2. This was all about finding a story. He explained how finding a story surprisingly takes much more time than producing the story. Which I found very interesting but it made sense. He also talked about how more than half of the stuff you create and put so much time into it just doesn’t work out. Which is okay, you have to be ruthless to make something good, and most importantly that failure is a big part of success. It’s totally okay to fail and if you are that means you are going in the right direction!

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