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This weeks assignment was called a Design Blitz. The assignment was to “Carry your camera with you this week and take photos of objects, ads, signs, etc. that illustrate at least four of the ten concepts listed below (one photo per concept). ” I really enjoyed doing this! It was so fun. The concepts I decided to take pictures of were Balance, Minimalism, Symbol, Rhythm.

The first one I took was Balance.

Balance-My dog Angel!

I picked this because when I was looking at her she is pretty symmetric and the same on both sides! If you were to cut her down the middle ( don’t recommend that because I love her) but, you would see that both sides are the same. The only difference would be whats going on internally of her body.

The second one was Minimalism.


I would say this fits this concept very well. I think that because the words don’t take up all the glass, the writing is all the same, the writing is also in black, its glass, and the frame itself is black and has the same pattern all the way around. This sign in my house is one of my favorites not only because of what it says because, that is very motivational but because of how simple it is. I personally believe that the simpler it is the better it looks!

The 3rd photo I took was a Symbol.


I think this because it is the company’s brand and a way to recognize them. It has Fat Tires symbol on there which is a bike and has good information on it. This is my dads favorite beer company so of course I had to include it!

The last photo I took was Rhythm.


I was a little confused about what this concept meant so I did a little more digging online. Basically it said the more involved in the photo the busier it is which all means more Rhythm. So I decided the place that was the busiest was my street. Every day it is filled with many kids, cars, dogs, houses, trees, and alot of activities!

Overall I loved doing this Design Blitz!

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